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Introduction to 3D Warehouse

Access millions of free models. Instantly add entourage and context to your project with free models from 3D Warehouse, the world’s largest and most popular 3D library.

Explore a vast 3D library

Need a chair, fern, or unique material? Join the 31 million users each year who find, upload and share almost anything in the world’s most popular free 3D model library.

  • Discover anything - Need to furnish an interior or street scene? Don’t model everything yourself! Discover pre-built models of virtually anything, ready for import.
  • Real-world products - Browse thousands of real-world products from recognized brands. Specify ready-to-buy appliances, furniture, floor  coverings, and building materials.
  • Get sharing - We know you’re proud of what you create in SketchUp. You should be! Share models with the community and inspire others with your designs.
  • Advanced search - Trouble finding what you’re looking for? Use advanced search and filters to narrow down the field and find the ideal model for your needs.
  • Product placement - Have a product others might want to buy? Increase brand awareness and generate leads by placing your product in front of millions of potential buyers.
  • Seamless flow - 3D Warehouse is fully integrated with SketchUp. Move at a swift pace by importing models directly into a project from within the app.
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