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Introduction to Chaos Vantage

In this webinar we will introduce to you Chaos Vantage. We've started exploring the product when it still had its previous name Lavina, regardless of the fact this product is definitely a tool from the future of real time visualization.


In this webinar, we're testing a beta version of Project Lavina (now Chaos Vantage) for the first time with a V-Ray scene from SketchUp.

This product classified as a tool from the future of real time visualization. Pure Ray Tracing and Real-Time! New Chaos Group product with RTX NVIDIA GPU only.

Chaos Vantage can completely ray trace massive 3D scenes without workarounds or raster graphics. The 3D artist simply loves and drops their V-Ray scenes to explore them instantly in real-time. find all about this ...

 ... and much more...



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