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What is new in SketchUp Pro 2021

In this webinar we will show you the new features in SketchUp 2021. Find out more about PreDesign, Live components, the better model optimization and many others.

Alongside SketchUp Pro 2021, our new early-stage research tool, PreDesign is launching. This tool provides designers of buildings, outside spaces, and master plans with the information they need to properly factor climate insights into their initial concepts, getting designs started in the right direction before the modelling process begins. 

PreDesign improves design outcomes—projects will be better informed and designers will have more information to influence preliminary solutions. We think this a new way to ‘start’ architectural design projects in SketchUp. 

We’re excited to introduce a new type of configurable object for SketchUp Live Components. These components will be available for all users to find, download and configure live in SketchUp! 

Users can access live components by opening 3D Warehouse and navigating to our collection of models—hosted by SketchUp Labs, a live community Beta program. Simply choose an object and insert it into your SketchUp model. When you double-click to edit a Live Component, the ‘Configure Live Component’ dialog will allow you to control the components ‘parameters’. Unlike Dynamic Components, Live Components redraw themselves as you make adjustments.


... and many others... 

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