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Feeling of Freedom

Greek Sithonia peninsula is the epitome of freedom and summer, but, paradoxically, its architecture is largely defined by the urban regulations.


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Why architects create design

Is there any difference between design and architecture and what is it? There are numerous interdependencies between them and therefore no distinct line can be drawn between them.



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In a green embrace

This vacation ‘haven’, surrounded by pine trees in Tonden, the Netherlands, stretches out over 150 sq. m. Named after its location and surrounded by the green woods, Villa Tonden offers a retreat from life in the city.


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Urban Planning

Future cities: Urban planners get creative | DW Documentary

Will the cities of the future be climate neutral? Might they also be able to actively filter carbon dioxide out of the air? Futurologist Vincente Guallarte thinks so. In fact, he says, our cities will soon be able to absorb CO2, just like trees do.

Interior Design

Top 10 Interior Design Trends You Need To Know In 2023 | Latest Home Ideas & Inspirations

2022 has been a great inciting year for us. We are beyond grateful for all of our subscribers staying with us throughout the years. Looking forward to this whole new chapter of 2023...


Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater: Inside the House That Forever Changed Architecture

I think nothing yet ever equaled the coordination sympathetic expression of the great principle of repose where forest and stream and rock...


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Exterior Design

Exterior design by Niki Tomov
Visualization using Twinmotion

Interior Design by IX Design Studio
Living room design by IXDesign Studio
Visualization with V-Ray
Bathroom Design by IXDesign Studio
Bathroom design by IXDesign Studio
Visualization with V-Ray

Interior Design by Studio ShkafA
Visualization with V-Ray

Interior Design
Interior design by Niki Tomov
Visualization using Enscape

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