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Unlimited number of job ads:

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Reach 20K+ AEC Talents:

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A space exclusively dedicated to architecture, design and engineering.


Architects Architects

Interior Designers

Interior Designers


Engineers Engineers

Landscape designers

Landscape designers

With AECO Space, recruiters bid farewell to the constraints of paying per job ad. 

Hiring on AECO Space

In traditional job sites, recruiters often grapple with a significant hurdle: paying per job ad. 

By the time the ideal candidate is found, the ad often expires, necessitating an additional cost for continued visibility.

We understand the inefficiencies of traditional job sites.

Through its subscription model, our platform empowers recruiters with the freedom to post and manage unlimited job ads without expiry dates. 

Post Unlimited job, project and event ads 

Unlike most job platforms, an annual subscription for AECO Space gives you an unlimited number of ads.

Find all AEC professionals in one place

We are building a truly global platform with free access to all AEC professionals.

Craft a compelling Employer Brand

Maximize your hiring potential and elevate your visibility with a custom company profile page.

Elevate Your Hiring Experience!

Hiring on the AECO Space Platform

Join AECO Space, redefine how you connect with top-notch talent and showcase your business to the world.

Access unlimited job postings, ensuring every opportunity to discover the right talent is maximized without incremental costs.

Who is AECO Space for?

Architectural studios 

Architectural studios Architectural  stu


Construction companies

Construction companies 


Furniture manufacturers

Furniture manufacturers 


Investors, training providers

Investors, training providers and more! Investors

Manage your recruitment process with ease

Publish unlimited job postings

Effortlessly showcase your company's job openings on the AECO Space Platform. Seamlessly manage and organize your ads, ensuring maximum exposure to thousands of AEC professionals.

Easily duplicate and edit job postings

Craft, refine, and duplicate job listings hassle-free.

Manage candidate applications

Monitor applications, review applicants' profiles, shortlist selected candidates in the Platform. Contact candidates directly from the Platform.

Manage job ads on AECO Space
Talent Databes on AECO Space

Run Custom Searches in a Talent Database

Browse a comprehensive database

Access a comprehensive database housing the entire spectrum of AEC professionals, all in one centralized platform.

Search Talents with precision

Utilize diverse search criteria to pinpoint the perfect professional match for your projects' unique requirements.

Tap into advanced functionalities

Make informed decisions with a suite of powerful tools. Sort, bookmark, and communicate seamlessly with the professionals that align best with your needs.

Make your company shine

Let your business stand out

Craft a compelling Company Profile that highlights crucial details about your offerings, services, and value proposition. Use this landing page on the Platform to connect with various audiences: from potential business partners, to employees and media.

Use your profile page for Employer Branding

Provide key insights about your Values and Culture, share images about life in your company and attract top-tier talent. Enjoy the spotlight with a beautifully designed profile page that showcases your company's essence.


Company Presentation on AECO Space

Reach 20K+ talents in architecture, design and engineering. It's easy as 1-2-3.

1. Purchase an annual subscription at 95 EURO 

Go to our checkout page and complete the steps there.

2. Create a user account and a company profile

Become visible on the Platform with a compeling Company Profile.

3. Start posting your ads on AECO Space

Maximize your hiring and business development potential and elevate your company's visibility. 

Join the Global Space for AEC Professionals

What you'll get:

background-header-elements-green-new Access to a global database of 20К+ AEC professionals and companies
background-header-elements-green-new Ability to post an unlimited number of job ads for one year
background-header-elements-green-new  Custom searches within our talent database, ability to post events and courses



Set the foundation with all your team needs 

  • Checkmark Create extended Talent Profile
  • Checkmark Present projects in Talent profile
  • Checkmark Upload Talent's CV, Motivational Letter or Portfolio - up to 5MB
  • Checkmark Bookmark Talents
  • Checkmark Create Company Profile Page with Logo, Cover Image and List of Projects
  • Checkmark Search companies
  • Checkmark Browse portfolios
  • Checkmark Manage Candidates
  • Checkmark Contact Candidates
  • Checkmark Shortlist Candidates
  • Checkmark Save candidates
  • Checkmark Extensive job description
  • Checkmark Talent directory search
  • Checkmark Bookmark Companies
  • Checkmark Bookmark Courses and Events
  • Checkmark Bookmark Jobs


€95 / year

Everything in Free plus:

  • Unlimited number of posted job offers
  • Reach 20 000+ AEC Talents
  • Extensive job/ project/ course/ event description for up to 360 days
  • Unlimited number of posted projects
  • Unlimited number of posted courses
  • Unlimited number of posted events
  • List the job/ project/ event/ course on the feed
  • Announce Post on social media
  • Announce Post in e-newsletter
  • Announce Post on the website
  • 1x Company Profile
  • Present Company on social media
  • Present Company in e-newsletter
  • Present Company on the website


€1950 / year

Everything in Pro plus:

  • Checkmark Unlimited number of Companies' Profiles
  • Checkmark Unlimited number of Company's Offices
  • Checkmark Dedicated Account Manager