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A new home for everyone in the AEC space to network, find projects and promote services.

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Search for jobs, commission projects, find trainings and connect with companies and professionals

Since we founded AECO Space, we’ve gone above and beyond to give architects, designers, construction and engineering professionals the best balance of quality, performance, and price when it comes to software solutions.

To make an even bigger difference to your lives, we have built the largest global platform for AEC professionals which will bring together studios, investors, freelancers, and training providers under one roof to collaborate, commission projects, search for jobs and find educational opportunities.


What You Can Expect from the AECO Space Platform


For Talents in the AEC domain:

Discover a world of new professional opportunities. Create a stunning profile that presents your qualification and projects in a beautiful interface. Easily apply for jobs or projects and find training opportunities to up your professional game.

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Interior Designers




Landscape designers

Architect? Designer? Construction Engineer? 

Grow your career at AECO SPACE.  Create a winning profile. Browse job and project ads and discover training opportunities.

For Companies:

Post job offer,  Search for subcontractors, Present your company, Manage coursers and events,  Create detailed searches,  List exceptional talents, Communicate with candidates


Architectural studios



Construction companies


Furniture manufacturers


Investors, training providers and more!

Time to grow your architectural or construction business?

Create a company profile at AECO SPACE and get in touch with thousands of AEC professionals.


Discover Jobs

Find new opportunities

Search for Jobs

Sort by various criteria and find your next gig fast and easy.

  • Profession, Skills, Type – full time/part time, Office – remote/onsite, Country, City, Salary

Easily apply for the hottest new jobs

Simply use the functions for boomarking, sorting and application submission and Voila! You are applying for your dream jobs and projects.

  • Newest on the top, Bookmark job offers, Optional salary info, Company info, Job description, Send jobs offers to e-mail, Application with CV or Profile
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Create a Stunning Talent Profile

Present yourself  to the AEC Community

Craft your Talent profile

CVs are a great way to apply for jobs and projects but the way you structure the information about your experience and credentials and present it visually is of outmost importance to make your application stand out.

Thanks to our amazing Profile interface, you can now design a beautiful profile page with all your credentials and project portfolio.

  • Name, Profession, Summary, Contact details, Available for work, Experience, Education, Certificates, Projects, Working preferences, Skills, Strengths, Languages, Selected Clients
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Browse Through the Talents List

Find the best candidates for the job by using the rich options for search and sorting.

Search Talents

  • Available for work, Skills, Country, City, Language, Experience, Hourly rate, Location (remote/onsite), Availability (full time/part time)

Talents Overview

  • Newest on the Top, Bookmark Talents, Send message, Skills, Hourly rates, Link to full profile
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A Directory of Companies in the AEC Space

Browse potential employers, subcontractors or service provideers.

Search Companies

  • Name, Size, Country, City

Companies Overview

  • Newest on the Top, Bookmark companies, Company logo, Company banner, Location, Skills, Total Job offers, Link to full profile
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See What Each Course is All About

Check out the course pages to find out all the relevant details for each training or event opportunity. 

Search Courses & Events

  • Name, Type (webinar/event/etc.), Location, Free/Paid, Level, Country, City, Author’s name, Price

Courses & Events Overview

  • Newest on the Top, Bookmark Courses/Events, Location, Language, Certificate, Link to full info
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Post and Manage Job Ads

Put everything in order

Publish your company's job postings in the AECO Space Platform 

Organize your job ads with ease and reach thousands of AEC professionals through our platform

  • Create, Edit, Copy, Jobs and Projects, Status, Applicants, User accounts
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Create Custom Searches in a Rich Database of Talents

All AEC professionals in one place

Search Talents

Use various search criteria to find a talented professional that matches your projects' needs.

  • Name, Available for work, Skills, Country, City, Language, Experience, Hourly rates, Location

Organize your communication with talents

Take advantage of a rich set of functionalities to sort, bookmark and communicate with the professionals you like most.

  • Define different criteria, New on top, Bookmark talents, Message talents, Link to their profile
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Make Your Company Stand Out

Present your business, provide essential details about your products and services, and pitch yourself to potential clients and to potential employees. 

Create a Company Profile

Add the most important facts about your business and see them represented in a beautifully designed profile page.

  • Name, Company logo, Company banner, Summary, Contact details, Locations, Job lists, Company pictures, Culture, Values, Projects
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Publish Courses and Events

Find a great audience for your educational content or invite AEC professionals to your conferences and workshops. Use the platform to promote your training center or yourself as an individual instructor.

Courses & Events

  • Type, Banner, Name, Date/Time/Location, Link to external website, Company Logo, Event details, Price, Course description and video, Additional information
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See the Profiles of your Job Applicants from One Place

Applicant Profile

Once your job ad starts attracting qualified applicants, you'll need to sort through their profiles and credentials quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our carousel option, you can quickly filter through the brief profiles of all applicants and see detailed views for the candidates that caught your attention.

  • Number of candidates, Browse Candidates, Contact details, Message candidate, Project list, See full profile
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AECO SPACE is expanding AEC beyond borders

Discover a new world of work and business opportunities to succeed and unleash your creativity in the global marketplace.

What you'll get:

🏦 Access to a global database of AEC professionals and companies

🏦 Abilitiy to apply for jobs and projects and find subcontractors

🏦 Information about upcoming conferences and trainings in the AEC domain