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About Us

At AECO we share a culture of Curiosity, Courage, Collaboration and Creativity.

AECO Space serves the architectural visualization, engineering and construction industries since 2018.

We operate in more than 12 markets, disrupting the elitist approach to using technologies in the creative and proptech domains.

We believe that every individual creator as well as every studio - big or small, should be able to acquire efficient software tools to express their creative vision and be able to compete in the global marketplace. 

In 2018 we created our first space dedicated to knowledge sharing meetups which also acts as a coworking space for creative professionals and as a software training center, having state-of-art hardware configurations in place.

In 2021 the company  obtained its first round of investment to grow its services to more markets and to build a platform for knowledge and job-sharing allowing hundreds of thousands architects, engineers and clients to  build a community and a project-sharing ecosystem.

The pillars of our brand promise:

  • TECHNOLOGY: Distributing the latest technologies that have the best balance of price, quality and efficiency
  • EDUCATION: Creating educational and training content to empower creators enhance their workflows and be more competitive
  • COMMUNITY: Bringing creators, studios and clients from the architectural and construction industries in a mutually beneficial ecosystem