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AECO SPACE - Our Values

What guides our decisions and behaviors



With everything we do, we strive to leave a positive mark on our clients and our team, the industry we serve and our immediate environment. 

We are driven by the idea that everyone deserves access to the right technology and tools to unleash their talent and imagination.

As a team, we are striving to make technology and knowledge more accessible. We are making a difference by investing time and effort to explore unconventional ways to achieve our goals.  This nurtures our innovation and critical thinking and allows us to come up with unexpected solutions, new services and ideas worth pursuing.


  • We research and use the latest technology in our industry. This allows us to provide the most important thing to our clients - choice! We do not sell, we provide choice, so our customers can decide on the most optimal solution for their specific needs.
  • We willingly share our knowledge and experience with our clients, colleagues and partners. This way we find better and more effective solutions and enhance the way we work together.
  • We partner with professionals who share our vision and are willing to help us make knowledge and technology accessible to more people, so they can take their work and live to the next level.
  • We are in a constant pursuit of better solutions and creative ideas.
  • We have a human centered approach to our work and we keep ourselves open to changes and adjustments.


Having the opportunity to learn and improve is at the heart of our relentless motivation. We learn from every situation and challenge and are constantly on the lookout for new knowledge and information.

We challenge ourselves, our customers and partners to explore, experiment, and make the most of the power of new technologies and available knowledge.


  • When we encounter challenges, we don’t settle. We ask questions, seek information and find solutions.
  • We share our knowledge and expertise, as this is the only way we can exponentially influence the change we want to see in the world.
  • We keep ourselves informed and knowledgeable about new technologies, market trends and latest developments in our industry. We consistently and rigorously test new software and hardware and share our findings with colleagues and clients.
  • We constantly increase our expertise and qualifications. This is how we grow, and help our customers grow as well.
  • We take active interest in our clients’ projects and their daily challenges. We regularly read their websites and check their social profiles to get acquainted with their work. That’s how we are able to truly understand their needs and be proactive in suggesting the most appropriate tools.


We are honest. We are honest with ourselves, our clients, partners and colleagues. We build trust through positive attitude, genuine care for others and unbeatable competence. We believe that where there is trust, there is a potential for collaboration, growth and innovation. Trust for us is transparency and clarity and this is what we nurture and encourage internally within the team, as well as with our clients and partners.


  • We demonstrate positive attitude, respect, care and goodwill. We show enthusiasm and real interest in teamwork and understanding others.
  • We readily admit our mistakes without looking for excuses and someone to blame.
  • We communicate openly, argue with respect and facts and provide clarity on our position.
  • We ask for help, before it is too late, and this is how we keep our team healthy and on the right track.
  • We act with confidence based on our knowledge and expertise. We make recommendations, provide quality information and we never sell something that is not needed.


We love efficiency! Efficiency, optimization and well organized work are the mindset that sets us up for success. When efficiency is present in our work, we can focus on more important things, such as solving complex problems, coming up with new solutions and ideas. Efficient processes and practices allow us to consistently improve the experience of our clients and add value to our services. We are a role model of an effective organization and we freely share our learnings, experience and knowledge in that area.


  • In all our actions and decisions we are looking for results and efficiency. For every decision we need to make, we are asking ourselves the question: “What do we want as an end result and is this the most optimal solution towards that result?
  • We constantly research and explore new ways to operate. We continually optimize our processes and internal tools, so we can stay at the forefront of innovation and make more time for client interaction and knowledge sharing.
  • Achieving good enough results in an optimal amount of time is the key to being efficient. This is how our team operates and what we demonstrate to our clients.
  • Every technological solution we work with or offer to our customers has passed our efficiency test. This means that we guarantee its reliability, productivity, ease of use and speed, at an optimal price.
  • We strive to be efficient in any aspect of our work, even the way we learn and improve ourselves. If we do not know something, we use the resources and knowledge available within our community. If we know or have experience with something, we document it to keep the knowledge and build on top of it.