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SketchUp 2023 is out!

The Revit Importer in SketchUp Studio 2023 will create powerful AEC Workflows.


Among the tree branches

Located near a lake in Quebec Province, Canada, m.o.r.e. cabin is an unusual mountain hut.


Ready for a second life

This abandoned, weather - beaten mill located near a lake in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic...

Can I sell SketchUp models?

Regardless of the reason you're using SketchUp, you’ve probably wondered if you can make some extra money along the way.


In a green embrace

This vacation ‘haven’, surrounded by pine trees in Tonden, the Netherlands, stretches out over 150 sq. m.


Crazy or ingenious

Java Architecture implemented a young couple’s risk-involving idea in the centre of Paris


Feeling of freedom

Greek Sithonia peninsula is the epitome of freedom and summer, but, paradoxically, its architecture is largely defined by the urban regulations.

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