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AECO Space and ARCH-E to Promote Architectural Design Competitions

AECO Space and ARCH-E to Support Cross-Border Collaboration between Architects in the European Union by Promoting Architectural Design Competitions

ARCH-E, the European Platform for Architectural Design Competitions, has included AECO Space in their list with partner stakeholders. This will enable both organizations to promote architectural competitions across EU countries, and help overcome cross border market barriers in the market for architectural services. 

As a project supported by the European Union under the Creative Europe framework, ARCH-E aims to promote Architectural Design Competitions (ADCs), incorporating the principles and objectives of the  Davos Declaration for Baukultur and of the New European Bauhaus. ARCH-E is actively working on a comparative description of national ADC systems, a multilingual ARCH-E Glossary with technical terms, and an online platform with a wide range of information on ADC systems.

AECO Space ( develops an online platform for students, professionals and companies in architecture, engineering, and design. The project is backed by investors and AEC professionals worldwide. The platform offers an opportunity for all players in this industry to create Free Talent Profiles and Company Profiles. This sort of online visibility reaches thousands of people every month thanks to proactive advertising and marketing efforts on behalf of the platform. 

“At AECO Space we believe that together with the specific national legislation and regulations in architecture and construction, there are also universal aspects of the profession that can allow for a cross-border collaboration within the European Union. Our platform features a dedicated section on Competitions and Events which can promote ADCs approved by and listed on the ARCH-E platform. In this way, we’ll reach many more architectural studios and construction companies in the EU,” said Deyan Evlogiev, Creator of the AECO Space Platform.

“Currently, due to national frameworks and a lack of information sharing, transnational participation in ADCs is quite low, which excludes many architects from participating and hinders competition. This disproportionately affects small and micro-enterprises, particularly those led by young and female architects, which can harm their professional development. Our mission at ARCH-E is to contribute to solving this problem, firstly by comparing the national competition systems, secondly by creating a unified glossary of technical terms, and last but not least to facilitate international participation in ADCs. We are happy to see that a platform such as can play an important role in communicating and promoting ADCs as well as giving the opportunity to young architects to gain international exposure ,” said Margit Friedrich, Project Coordinator for ARCH-E

ARCH-E and AECO Space will continue their mutual work in assessing the needs of architects and enabling more professionals and companies to gain access to ADCs.


About ARCH-E

ARCH-E is a project co-funded by the European Union under the Creative Europe framework (CREA). Its main objective is to promote high-quality architectural solutions for the built environment by increasing the use of architectural design competitions (ADC) in Europe and overcoming cross border market barriers in the market for architectural services; ADC structures determined by national frameworks and traditions and due to a lack of information exchange, there is very low transnational participation. This lack of information excludes many architects from participating in the (cross border) market and thus hinders competition. Small/micro-enterprises - with an above- average proportion of female and/or young architects - are particularly affected, which has a detrimental effect on their professional career. Promoting ADCs will lead to a better implementation of the Davos Declaration for Baukultur and of the New European Bauhaus in European planning and building projects on a daily basis and will help to meet the climate challenge and to improve the quality of the built environment. Main outputs are the ARCH-E Map, a comparative description of national ADC systems, the multilingual ARCH-E Glossary with technical terms and the Architects' Needs Report. The newly developed ARCH-E online platform provides a wide range information on ADC systems (with a special focus on consideration of Baukultur und New Bauhaus standards) and facilitates transnational participation; core element is a network of >500 architects from >20 countries, from which transnational working groups can be quickly recruited for participation in ADCs which is especially important for women and young professionals who usually have less transnational business contacts.  For more information visit 



AECO Space is a leader in providing digital solutions to architects, designers and civil engineers. The company distributes software by industry leading software vendors such as Trimble, Chaos, Hexagon, Nemetschek and more.  It has an authorized training center providing both live and online training in digital tools for architects. The company manages its own platform at for job sharing, business networking and event/course announcements. In this way, it provides technology, education and community to AEC businesses and professionals. AECO Space serves more than 12 markets in Europe with a growing presence worldwide. For more information visit 

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