Among the tree branches

Located near a lake in Quebec Province, Canada, m.o.r.e. cabin is an unusual mountain hut.

Located near a lake in Quebec Province, Canada, m.o.r.e. cabin is an unusual mountain hut, an example of how following generally accepted norms is not always the best solution. Contrary to the assumption that the more a building merges with its surroundings, the less damage it does, the architects of Kariouk Architects decided to raise the hut above the terrain, making it stand out among the tree crowns. Their goal was to create a fully ecological house, keeping environmental interventions to a minimum.


One of the reasons why the building was made into the air was the law requiring a minimum distance of 30 m from the lake. In order to comply with it, the chalet “is soaring” above the 30 m, and its supporting structure is fully in line with the boundaries set. Another reason is the steep rock on which it should be located. Building it high in the air, the need to lay concrete foundations, severely disturbing and polluting the environment, is overcome, and the hut has contact with the terrain at only two points. The only necessary concrete foundation is the one used for attaching the steel mast, which holds the structure in the air.


The chalet is accessed via a ramp. The interior features a living room, combining a kitchen with a dining room and a living room, and two bedrooms, separated by a shared bathroom. Two of the facades are completely glazed, which, in addition to offering a beautiful view of the lake, allows the smooth entry of natural light into the premises.

The construction is built using hardwood panels (CLT) and glued beams, the making of which does not require the use of machines and heavy equipment at the site of the construction. The hut relies on independent energy sources — solar panels, and a highly efficient wood stove heats the interior.


Project Kariouk Architects, text Gergana Georgieva, photos



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