Integrating SketchUp in Your Architectural Workflow

SketchUp is the missing link between a traditional CAD workflow and the final photorealistic visualization which makes clients fall in love with your work.


The SketchUp ecosystem includes not only the full-featured SketchUp Pro, but also SketchUp Layout, an amazingly useful 2D drawing tool, Extensions which are super helpful in connecting SketchUp to the rest of your workflow, and many others. This ecosystem of tools is a true discovery for any architectural firm or freelancer who wants to build a professional architectural workflow.

If you are trying to create a customer-centric practice where you and your clients collaborate seamlessly throughout the planning and design process, you’ll find that SketchUp is that missing link between your traditional CAD workflow and the final photorealistic visualization which makes your clients fall in love with your work.

To help you get started with SketchUp Pro as a true Pro, we’ve worked with an experienced architect Nikolay Tomov to build a complete architectural workflow with SketchUp Pro plus SketchUp Layout,  and to present it in an easy to follow self-paced online course.

Introducing the new online course:"Architectural Workflow with SketchUp”


This is one of the most comprehensive online trainings on the market. You’ll learn a complete workflow from importing your .dwg file, to creating the landscape, the 3D model of a building, the project drawings in Layout, and finally showcasing Twinmotion and V-Ray for exterior and interior visualization. 

What you’ll find inside this course:

  44 video lessons on SketchUp Pro, V-Ray and Twinmotion
 Complete architectural workflow using SketchUp with a full-scale exterior and interior project
  20+ hours of in-depth training

 Complete 3D model file with all the assets created in the course

  Free online 30-minute consultation with the course instructor

 Certificate of course completion

Watch the introduction to this brand new course and we hope to see you inside!

Learn more and enroll

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