During recession 3D skills and affordable tools are on architects' radar

Did you know that 1/5 of European architects reported lower business results only in the first year of Covid? These are results we saw in a 2020 study by the Architects Council of Europe.

20% of respondents claimed to have worked fewer hours and to generate less revenue amid the pandemic.

Infographic_AECO This means less budget for expensive software tools - being more price-sensitive and looking for more affordable solutions. And this is data from two years ago; we are still waiting to see results from last year which was also challenging. 


With inflation rates rising constantly, the construction industry is likely to be heavily affected. During economic downturns architects, interior designers, and construction engineers, are one of the most affected professions. 


But these are also the times when they are most likely to learn a new skill and digitize their business for more efficiency. The same study also shows that more than 62% are willing to learn new 3D Modeling tools.


With 41 million users globally, SketchUp has proven to be one of the most accessible 3D modeling tools on the market - both in terms of price and in terms of its low learning curve.


The SketchUp ecosystem includes the full-featured SketchUp Pro, but also SketchUp Layout, an amazingly useful 2D drawing tool, Extensions which are super helpful in connecting SketchUp to the rest of your workflow, and many others. 



If you are convinced that SketchUp is your 3D modeling tool of choice, consider the following options: 


  Purchase a license (for clients in Central and Eastern Europe)

 Learn SketchUp with this complete course



AECO Space is the exclusive distributor of SketchUp in the CEE region. 

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