AECO Space creates first of its kind software leasing program.

In light of increased software costs for architects and designers, AECO Space creates the most affordable solution.


Architects, interior and industrial designers who want to compete for clients often need to pay anywhere between $1,500 - $3,500 annually on single-seat software licenses alone. It is incredibly hard for them to remain competitive and profitable at the same time. 

And while we completely acknowledge the resources required to build quality software applications, we’ve also been scratching our heads at AECO Space about how we can continue to serve our clients according to our mission to democratize technology and make software tools widely accessible to creative people.



In light of this whole dilemma, our team has decided to take some of the pressure off AECO professionals and invest in our relationship with clients.

Starting with the Bulgarian market, we have  created an affordable leasing scheme. For the first time AECO professionals will be able to buy not only hardware, but also software in monthly installments. 



Our team invests in the one-time payment of an annual subscription license or a perpetual license and you pay for the tool in equal monthly installments to be able to distribute the cost throughout the whole year. 

We follow an easy procedure that doesn’t require application with tons of documents but a simple conversation with verbal needs assessment…

We sign a contract with your company or any other legal entity that you represent…

…and Voilà! You get your 3D modeling and visualization software at an affordable monthly installment that you pay via bank transfer. 



We start the program by including 8 tools which cover the 3D modeling and rendering spectrum with affordable price ranges. We will continue to add more tools to that mix.

  • Sketchup Pro
  • Sketchup Studio
  • V-Ray Solo
  • V-Ray Premium 
  • Twinmotion
  • Rhinoceros
  • Enscape Fixed-Seat
  • Enscape Floating License


If you are based in Bulgaria, check out our dedicated page where you can submit a request form or call us directly.

If you are interested in other tools from our portfolio, get in touch to discuss your needs.

If you are from another country in the South East Europe region, get in touch and we’ll think of a solution for you.

Now, go get the most affordable software out there and change the world with your vision!

Your AECO Space Team

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