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Interior Design with SketchUp, Enscape & Twinmotion  Join Our Online Course


Learn a complete 3D modeling and visualization workflow and win clients' hearts and minds.


Become an indispensable interior designer 


32 video lessons


 12 hours of content


Full-scale interior project

Are you ready to transform your interior design game? Look no further! 

Our brand new online course, "Interior Design with Sketchup, Enscape and Twinmotion", has arrived and it's ready to take you on a journey to unleash your creativity.

Whether you're just starting out or an experienced designer, this course will equip you with the skills to create stunning and lifelike 3D visualizations that will make your clients' jaws drop.

This course has been developed according to the last standards “Plan of Works - RIBA” and  “A Practical Approach to Level of Detail” by AIA.


What you will learn

With our expert instructor leading the way, you'll master the art of Sketchup, Enscape and Twinmotion, three of the most powerful and innovative tools in the industry. Get ready to bring your visions to life and impress everyone around you with your breathtaking designs. Join us today and let's elevate your interior design skills to the next level!

The course begins by introducing the concept of interior design and its scope of work, comparing it with architecture. Participants will then delve into SketchUp, learning about the program interface, settings, and templates, as well as the main tools and modeling techniques. Discover how to use reference files for faster workflows and explore the creation of walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs, and kitchen cabinets. The course also covers the design of dining rooms, living rooms, and hallway ceilings, including furniture, lighting, and decoration elements.

You'll also get an introduction to Enscape and Twinmotion rendering software packages. You will learn to set up scenes, adjust materials and textures, and utilize rendering presets. 

This is a learning journey every interior designer needs in order to work with SketchUp, Enscape & Twinmotion without compromise.


Key highlights

   SketchUp interface, settings, and templates

   Drawing floors, walls, celings

  Creating windows, doors, stairs, decking


 Designing a kitchen and a dining room

  Designing a living room: furniture, lighting, shelfs and decor

   Enscape interface, tools, adjusting materials. Rendering Enscape interior scenes

  Epic games launcher and Twinmotion introduction

  Twinmotion materials, library and settings

  Exterior rendering with Twinmotion


Lesson 1: What is interior design?

Lesson 2: SketchUp interface, settings and templates 

Lesson 3: SketchUp main tools & modeling 

Lesson 4: Using reference files & start modeling with external walls

Lesson 5: Internal walls & finishes

Lesson 6: Drawing floors & ceilings

Lesson 7: Using reference lines & create all the openings

Lesson 8: Setting all the project windows

Lesson 9: Setting all the doors

Lesson 10: Stairs and decking 

Lesson 11: Terrace wooden ceiling

Lesson 12: How to design a kitchen – base cabinets

Lesson 13: How to a design kitchen – upper cabinets

Lesson 14: How to design a kitchen – appliances & accessories

Lesson 15: Designing a dining room – decor frame & roof windows

Lesson 16: Designing a dining room – furniture, lighting & decoration

Lesson 17: Designing ceiling décor elements – hallway

Lesson 18: Designing ceiling décor elements – living room

Lesson 19: Designing a living room – furniture, lighting, shelfs & déco

Lesson 20: Enscape software introduction, interface & tools

Lesson 21: Setting Enscape scenes & start adjusting materials 

Lesson 22: Enscape adjusting materials & textures – part 1

Lesson 23: Enscape adjusting materials & textures – part 2

Lesson 24: Enscape rendering presets & settings

Lesson 25: Setting up scene environment, vegetation & assets

Lesson 26: Rendering Enscape scenes

Lesson 27: Epic Games launcher & Twinmotion introduction

Lesson 28: Twinmotion scenes/images & individual settings

Lesson 29: Twinmotion materials, library & settings

Lesson 30: Twinmotion assets & environment

Lesson 31: Rendering exterior in Twinmotion

Lesson 32: Additional decoration & interior rendering in Twinmotion



 See what you'll be able to do after this course

 Who is this course for

  Interior Design Professionals

  3D Artists

  Students in architecture and interior design

  Anyone with an interest in 3D Rendering 

  Beginner to Advanced Sketchup Users

   32 self-paced video lessons

   12 hours of learning content

  Interior Design fundamentals

   Two visualization tools: Twinmotion & Enscape

   Taught by an experienced architect with multiple professional credentials



Nikolay Tomov, 3D Architect at AECO Space, has been working in architecture and construction for over 25 years.

His extensive experience in real estate, construction, and architecture has given him a unique perspective of the industry. 

Combined with his proficient use of BIM, 3D modeling, and Rendering software, he’s one of the best positioned experts to share his knowledge and experience with both beginners and professionals.

He has a unique step-by-step teaching approach and a holistic view of both exterior and interior design.


Bonuses you get with this course


Complete 3D model file with all the assets created in this course

Complete model with all SketchUp assets. You get it FREE when you sign up for this course.


Receive a Certificate of Course Completion

We'll send you a Certificate of Course Completion once you complete all the lessons.



   A computer with either Windows or Mac to install all the software & SketchUp plugins to model & render your project.

   A strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and plenty of excitement about SketchUp modeling, Enscape & Twinmotion rendering skills you will acquire in this course.

(this course is taught on Windows but the same techniques can be applied in Mac as well)


Ready to join?

   Join the tribe of indespensable interior designers