The designer as a mediator

„Everything is in the air - it only has to be made true, transforming ideas into objects that will improve the quality of life for everybody.”

Antoni Arola believes that designers are alamina_pendant_lamp_antoni_arola_santacole_28 catalyst, a mediator or maybe a filter of the things around us. His world and his studio are full of all kinds of objects – gifts, found things, strange, trite, original. Objects which he has been collecting all his life. He is not a collector, this is his everyday life, his inspiration and passion which unconsciously shape the way he works. Regular, but also unusual things which the designer showcased in an exhibition called “Biography” in Barcelona and later he published a book with the same title.

He has wide-ranging interests. Antoni Arola’s studio, which was established in 1994, designs lighting fixtures for brands such as Santa & Cole, Vibia, Viabizzuno, furniture, perfume packaging, interiors, lighting installations.                   


Antoni Arola is a lecturer, a researcher and a passionate traveler. Japanese and African nature and culture have had a special impact on his creative work and his constant pursuits mostly related to light which an infinite source of inspiration for Arola. His works have been part of a number of exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo and Mexico City. Antoni Arola has won a number of awards, among which are IF Gold Award 2021, T Design Awards, German Design Award, RedDot и RedDot: Best of The Best, Wallpaper* Design Award and others.



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