What’s new for SketchUp in 2019?

SketchUp Pro 2019 is here, it’s faster and more powerful than ever, with bug fixes, system improvements, and some shiny new features.

SketchUp Pro 2019 is here, it’s faster and more powerful than ever, with bug fixes, system improvements, and some shiny new features. 


Here are a few of the highlights:


SketchUp Pro 2019 for Desktop

You'll notice an upgrade to your welcome window where you can easily find recent projects and lots of helpful learning content.

SketchUp Pro 2019 for Desktop

Brand new for 2019, SketchUp Pro & LayOut: Layers now have dashes. A much-anticipated feature, dashed lines allow you to simplify your drawings with effective drawing communication. Learn how to use dashed lines and make your drawings communicate more effectively. 

SketchUp 2019

The Tape Measure tool got a facelift this year. Now you can see measurement info right where you’re modeling. Model more accurately -- and more efficiently -- right where you’re working.

SketchUp LayOut


In both SketchUp and LayOut we have made improvements to our .dwg import and export feature. Including but not limited to support for AutoCAD 2018 file format, increased precision and stability. We added the ability to import and export with materials for better BIM interoperability and workflows using the .dwg format.

The handshake between SketchUp and LayOut has improved by creating an “Export for SketchUp” feature for our .dwg exporter that sends all LayOut entities along with any SketchUp viewport data to the model space. Now any filled shape created in LayOut will be passed over to SketchUp as face ready to be Push/Pull’d. So now, SketchUp & LayOut work even better together. 


New for 2019, LayOut will let you know which files are already open so you’re not creating multiple versions. Looks like someone’s projects just got a little bit smarter. 

Also new this year, an easy way to learn the basics of LayOut.  It’s time to go 2D: What are you waiting for? 


SketchUp Campus


Better than textbooks: Our official learning hub is here. SketchUp-built courses, all created by our in-house team, make learning SketchUp convenient and simple. And we’re always making more!

SketchUp Campus

No matter your skill level, SketchUp Campus guides you through official SketchUp training with different tracks and sequential courses to get you up to speed. The classes consist of short videos and quizzes that make learning topics such as Rendering, LayOut, and SketchUp Fundamentals. Fun, quick, and easy.


Learn more about SketchUp Campus, or dive right in!


3D Warehouse


With millions of models and 17 languages, it’s not always easy to find exactly what you’re looking for on 3D Warehouse. That’s why we created categories. This update boasts better browsing, search refinement, subcategories, and filtering by real products. This year, 3D Warehouse enables you to spend less time searching and more time creating.

3d warehouse

Head to the warehouse to give it a try! 

Find out more about what you can do with 3D Warehouse here.

That’s a whole lot of new things for you to explore. Ready for the new SketchUp? 


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